Ancestral Love Towards Nature | Reju Ayur

Ancestral Love Towards Nature | Reju Ayur

Need lipstick? Oh, we have millions of options! Want to try new creams for your skin? We have another million online options for that too! Think of any product and even your google would give you a recommendation list. But have you ever thought about what these products have been doing to your skin?

Convincing a customer to try a product might be impossible considering the millions of cosmetic products and brands out in the market. But Reju Ayur doesn’t convince you, because we say the truth. Read on for some hardcore truths that will beat you right up and make you realize what you have been putting your body and skin through!

Have you ever noticed a layer or coating that sticks to your skin after applying a product? You must have thought that is the way a product must work, and that is how your brightening cream brightens your skin. Absolutely no. Our skin breathes. The tiny pores and glands absorb the cream. If it doesn't absorb it completely, then understand that you are not only damaging your skin but also your body, as the skin is made to absorb all the toxic elements in the product and the chemicals enter your body and settle in there. You might doubt if it is true, but it is not too long before you will start to see the symptoms. Not to worry, we got you.

When we think of cosmetics, we connect it with the term ‘beauty’. Reju Ayur is the first brand that brings ‘beauty’ and ‘therapeutic value’ to cosmetics. Our products don’t only focus on giving you the glam up, but also on healing the root cause. Your skin would completely absorb the product, leaving no extra layer or stickiness behind, and that’s how an organic natural product is supposed to work.
Our lip balms will not just give the color and moisture you love, but also seeps into the skin and clears the darkness and the dryness caused by other reasons. Reju Ayur’s foot cream doesn’t just give the softness to your feet, but it will be completely accepted and absorbed by your skin, which heals the cracks and rashness, making sure they never come back.

You must be wondering how our products do that! Because Reju Ayur is a Herbal Brand, our products are carefully curated by using the Ancient Herbal Knowledge. Each natural ingredient has its own properties. We eliminate the harmful parts of the flower, fruit, seed, and root, and use the right parts with the exact amount to get the full potential of the ingredient. That’s how all our products have got a 100% healing effect on their own.

Ayurvedic, natural, organic, so many names stamped on the brands but you are confused about which to trust and wondering if you can shift from your regular brand? Simple answer: Trust Reju Ayur! When we are ready to tell you the reality, we are challenging ourselves, which is because we trust ourselves. These aren’t just our words. But our client’s feedback, which we are delivering to you through our words. And if you have been using a brand for many years, and doubting if trying Reju Ayur for the first time might cause some issues, no. Our products would embrace your skin and take care of it by healing and curing the toxic elements your skin has been breathing all these years.

Give your skin a chance to breathe the real nature with the help of Reju Ayur!