We Boldly Speak the Truth | Reju Ayur

We Boldly Speak the Truth | Reju Ayur

Our human body has a gift of identifying and differentiating natural products and man-made ones. Ever wondered why your urine is yellow and gives an odor either when you are on medication or when you drink alcohol? Don’t you want to know what is happening? Let’s dig a little deeper.

When you consume fruit, the cells in your body identify it easily, as these were consumed from the time of your ancestors. The food is directly sent to the stomach, as your body trusts it. This is the basic process. Now let's say you are consuming medicine or alcohol, your body doesn’t identify the product, and since it doesn’t trust them, they are sent to liver to identify. The liver breaks down and it sends the new or unidentifiable parts to the kidney.

You must be aware of what are the causes while you were taking medicine or consuming alcohol. But there are certain products, which you trust, which you use on daily basis harms your body equally. That is the cosmetics!! You are using petroleum products and other chemical-based toxic products, believing they nourish your skin and result in beautiful skin from within. But did you know they are equally harmful as the other chemicals and they are harming your body? The worse case is, you are not even aware of that!!

And the horrifying truth is all the chemical-based skincare products enter the skin, and into your bloodstream and it is causing harm to your body. There is no good or bad when it comes to petroleum and other chemical-based products. You are slowly, unknowingly giving load to your kidney and liver, ending up harming your body! Here is an article to prove our stand.

Let’s put aside all of this and think of the alternative. A better alternative, to protect our skin and take care of our body. Go natural! Choose organic and natural products. You might have a confusion - there are so many brands claiming to be natural, organic, ayurvedic - which to choose. When a product is truly natural, and authentically organic, you will definitely know from the first use.

Reju Ayur products are made with carefully hand-picked ingredients, in the right amount and right process, to get the full benefit of nature. Open the lid of any product, and with the first touch and smell, you will know how natural our products are! It is our duty to take care of our body. It is time to stop harming our body, knowingly or unknowingly. Let Reju Ayur products help you from within.

Nourish your skin by using the right natural products!