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SPF Sun Screen Protection 10G
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SPF Sun Screen Protection 10G
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SPF Sun Screen Protection 10G
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SPF Sun Screen Protection 10G
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SPF Sun Screen Protection 10G

SPF Sun Screen Protection 10G

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This Sun screen cream is curated with organic herbal extracts and protects against UV rays of the sunlight. It avoids skin irritation & guards the skin against burns, deformities and tans. It soothes the skin & gives a cooling sensation during daylight. Apply & feel the comforting grace !!

Shields From Harmful UV Rays, Prevents Premature Aging, Prevents Sunburns, Prevents Tanning, Enhances Health Of The Skin.

Aloe and Honey extracts, Vitamin E, Tea extracts, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Almond oil.

Apply sun screen generously to all exposed skin 30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply the sun screen after swimming or sweating. if you are outside for long periods, reapply sun screen after 2 hours.

Manufactured by PANCHA AYURVEDA, Coimbatore - 641 007 | Mfg. Licence No. : C1162

Marketed by REJU AYUR, Pollachi - 642 001

Best before 2 years from the date of Mfg

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only. The packaging you receive might vary.

Key Ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

This SPF is my daily shield against UV rays, and it's more loyal than any friend I've ever had. It's like a guardian angel in a bottle, protecting my skin from the sun's fiery embrace. With this SPF, I can confidently say, 'Not today, sunburn!'"


"I've found the sunshine in a bottle with this SPF. It's like a vacation for my skin, without the sunburn souvenirs. It's the MVP of my skincare routine, and I'm never leaving home without it!"


It's like a luxurious silk cloak that wraps my face in a protective hug. It doesn't just defend against the sun; it's a fashion statement for my skin. Who needs a fancy hat when you have SPF?"


"Sunscreen is like a magical forcefield for my skin. It's my daily ritual of self-care and protection. It's not just a shield against UV rays; it's a love letter to my future self, saying, 'I'm taking care of you, always.'"


"Sunscreen, you're my sunshine in a bottle! You turn the blazing sun into a gentle breeze. You're my secret weapon in the battle against premature aging, and I wear you proudly every day. You make me feel like I have the power of the sun, without the sun's harmful effects."


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